Mentorship Experience: Adults

Adult Screen Acting

In this screen acting course for the advanced actor, the actor will connect with established industry professionals that will assist and guide the actor with their career progression while helping the actor to develop and fine tune their self taping skills that will set them up for a professional and successful career.

Learn how to master your self-tape!

This course is designed to improve your Acting skills and give you a process you can use to approach all future screen tests and auditions. In this course you will develop a monologue and Two-Hander scene, that will be professionally filmed and directed for screen. You will learn techniques for stripping a scene bare, making more interesting choices and finding the truth in a scene. You will leave the course with a copy of both your Acting scenes, and most importantly a ‘repeatable process,’ that will have you prepared and confident for any future auditions, Screen Tests or Self-Tapes, and help you stand out from other auditioners. The course will also teach you the basic running’s of a film set and a process for setting up and shooting scenes in a professional and meaningful way. Mick has close to 30yrs professional industry experience, working in Film, Theatre and Television, as an Actor, Producer and Director, all across Australia. 

Mentorship Experience: Adults

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<p>In this screen acting course for the advanced actor, the actor will


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After graduating from the Centre for performing arts in Adelaide Mick worked with a number of professional theatre companies before a national tour brought him home to Melbourne. Back at home Mick...