APS offers a regularly scheduled range of different and unique workshops for Adults, Teens and Kids. Over the course of a year we offer a number of different 'Clip Library' courses for Teens and Adults which are aimed at improving the skills and craft of more advanced actors as well as helping them to produce quality show reel scenes.

We also run 'Masterclass' courses with experienced industry professionals that take a deep dive into various elements of film & television. Previous examples include a masterclass workshop with Rhys Muldoon and self-test masterclass with Colette Mann.

As well as masterclasses and intensive courses, APS will often host workshops with casting directors that give actors the opportunity to learn from casting directors on how to put their best foot forward in auditions and present themselves positively to help secure roles in the future. We have previously worked with casting directors such as Thea McLeod, Megan D'Arcy & Lou Mitchell.

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