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Screen Acting Technique: Older Teens



Welcome to Screen Acting Technique for Teens at Acting Performance Studio—an invigorating exploration into the world of screen acting designed for students in Years 10-12. Our studio is dedicated to refining your skills and delving into various approaches to the craft of screen performance.

Class Highlights:

  • Develop essential screen acting techniques tailored for self tests and auditions.
  • Engage in improvisation exercises, fostering spontaneity and imaginative expression.
  • Learn script analysis techniques.
  • Collaborate in scene work to explore diverse approaches.
  • Focus on vocal technique and physicality to bring characters to life.
  • Review and analyze your scene work with playback monitors.
  • Work with highly experienced tutors.
  • Thrive in a nurturing class environment, supporting your growth as a performer.

Creative Outcomes:

  • Scenes on Stage Performance: At the conclusion of Term 2, students will perform scenes on stage to a live audience, offering a taste of the theatre acting experience. The performance dates will be confirmed during the year as one of the following: 25th, 26th, 27th, 29th, or 30th June. The venue for the performance will be Moorabbin Town Hall.
  • Short Films: In Term 3, students will have the thrilling opportunity to create and film Short FIlms, showcased at the Cinematic Showcase in December. Short Films have a maximum duration of 4 minutes each, with a limit of 2 films created per class of 14 students.


For Year 10 students, APS and parents/guardians will collaboratively determine the most suitable class—either the Years 7-10 group or the Years 10-12 group.

You can download the Course Outline here: Teens Film Acting Course Outline

$500 Limited GST free
Screen Acting Technique: Older Teens

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