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School Holiday Program

ABOUT THE PROGRAM Our holiday program is designed for children between the ages of 7 - 12 years to create their acting skills in front and behind the camera for film & television. Students will explore characters and   script-work through fun creative games (improv & ad lib), thus deepening their understanding of the characters they create and portray further developing their acting skills. The 3 day program is filled with fun first  All students will receive an awesome package... [More]
$350 Limited GST free
School Holiday Program

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Mentorship Experience: Adults

In this screen acting course for the advanced actor, the actor will connect with established industry professionals that will assist and guide the actor with their career progression while helping the actor to develop and fine tune their self taping skills that will set them up for a professional and successful career. Journey into and out of Character with Suzie J. Jarmain Each lesson focuses on a different aspect of building a character in the style of psychological realism. It... [More]

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