Junior Kids Musical Theatre: TTT Acting Performance Studio

Junior Kids Musical Theatre: TTT

Junior Kids Musical Theatre 


Welcome to the magical world of Junior Kids Musical Theatre: TTT at Acting Performance Studio—an extraordinary course designed to ignite your child's passion for singing, dancing, and acting. Immerse your little stars in a unique experience that blends 45 minutes of Film and TV work with 45 minutes of Musical Theatre, ensuring they get the best of both worlds!

Course Highlights:

  • TTT Fusion: Delve into the perfect fusion of Film, TV, and Musical Theatre, ensuring a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience for your young performers.

  • Showcase Extravaganza: As the course progresses, students will work towards a dazzling musical theatre showcase at a professional theatre—where their talents will take centre stage in a magical performance!

Energetic Atmosphere:

  • Fun-Filled Activities: Engage in fun activities promoting spontaneity and encouraging imagination, fostering a dynamic and vibrant learning environment.

  • Vocal, Movement, and Character Techniques: Explore a variety of techniques, including vocal, storytelling, and character development, to enhance your child's creative abilities.

  • Drama Games: Dive into a world of fun and educational drama games, allowing your child to work in partners and teams, building confidence, focus, and reactivity.


  • Mid-Year Showcase (August 4th): Witness the magic unfold as our talented young stars take center stage in a spectacular mid-year Musical Theatre event.

  • End-of-Year Performance (December 1st): Join us for a heartwarming grand finale as TTT Musical Theatre concludes the year with a dazzling performance. Our young performers showcase not only their growth but also the skills they've developed throughout the year.

$370 Limited GST free
Junior Kids Musical Theatre: TTT

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TERM 2 2024

This class is for students that are in Kinder through Grade 1. It is 45 minutes of Film & TV plus 45 minutes of Musical Theatre.

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One of the directors of APS and Smallfry children’s talent agency, Naomi has a long history in showbusiness spanning decades. Having always been involved in the performing arts, she raised four...