Industry Driven: Teens Acting Performance Studio

Industry Driven: Teens

Adult Screen Acting


In this screen acting course for the advanced actor, the actor will connect with established industry professionals that will assist and guide the actor with their career progression while helping the actor to develop and fine tune their self taping skills that will set them up for a professional and successful career.

The Industry Driven class is a class designed for intermediate to experienced teenagers working in the entertainment industry that are currently represented by an acting agent. This class focusses on helping students to improve and refine their self-taping skills for the audition process both for screen tests and in the room with casting directors. 

This is course is only offered via application only.

Industry Driven: Teens

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Elisha Moore, born in Melbourne Australia has recently directed and written the short film Unforgotten featured in 2018. Last year Elisha went to the States to do a workshop in Los Angeles at...